A pertinent follow-up from another century

I’m reading “Spiritual Progress – Enhanced Version” by Madame Guyon, Francois Fenelon and wanted to share this quote with you, as I thought it pertinent to my recent post. This could have been a letter written by Fenelon to his friend Madame Guyon, to encourage her in her spiritual walk.

“You were at first in the fervor of your beginnings (I think this refers to the start of her/his profession), when no difficulties appear formidable. You said with Peter, it is good for us to be here; but it is often with us as it was with him, that we know not what we say. (Mark ix. 56.)

In our moments of enjoyment, we feel as if we could do everything; in the time of temptation and discouragement, we think we can do nothing, and believe that all is lost. But we are alike deceived in both. You should not be disturbed at any distraction that you may experience; the cause of it lay concealed within even when you felt such zeal for recollection (reflection).

Your temperament and habits all conduce to making you active and eager. It was only weariness and exhaustion that caused you to relish an opposite life (reflection & meditation). But, by fidelity to grace, you will gradually become permanently introduced into the experience of which you have had a momentary taste. God bestowed it that you might see whither He would lead you; He then takes it away, that we may be made sensible that it does not belong to us; that we are neither able to procure nor preserve it, and that it is a gift of grace that must be asked in all humility.

Be not amazed at finding yourself sensitive, impatient, haughty, self-willed; you must be made to perceive that such is your natural disposition. We must bear the yoke of the daily confusion of our sins, says St. Augustine. We must be made to feel our weakness, our wretchedness, our inability to correct ourselves. We must despair of our own heart, and have no hope but in God.

We must bear with ourselves, without flattering, and without neglecting a single effort for our correction. We must be instructed as to our true character, while waiting for God’s time to take it away (I prefer to think of this characteristic being transformed by God into something beautiful and beneficial to our greater wholeness and oneness of person). Let us become lowly under his all-powerful hand; yielding and manageable as often as we perceive any resistance in our will. Be silent as much as you can. Be in no haste to judge; suspend your decisions, your likes and dislikes. Stop at once when you become aware that your activity is hurried, and do not be too eager even for good things.”

(My comments in brackets)

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About Jeanette

When I attended a Life Line training course many years ago, we were told that the labels, titles and hats we wore were not important but rather who we are and whom we have become through our journey through life. We all have something to share, to ask, to listen to, to learn from, to pass on, to reflect on. So, let's begin ....
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