Crucial decisions

Have you ever thought of how some of our most important decisions are made when we are really quite young and still maturing? What subjects are we going to study for the next 12 to 18 years? What careers are we going to pursue? Who do we choose to partner with? Where we will live? How will we use our free time, our money and resources, our skills, talents and abilities? Are we going to contribute to the wellbeing of others and our planet or leave that till we retire?

Before we knew it we had become older and wiser hopefully, with quite a few bruises, some or many a shattered dream – round tummies and aching bones. All proof of how well we have lived!  Maybe that’s why the  next generation don’t have that much confidence in our advice.

How we would love to share some of our experiences with our children so that they might learn how to live easier lives. How much our ancestors would love us to have learnt from their mistakes of prejudice, injustices, war, greed – and all the rest they had learnt. Why when so much has been written and shared,  and so much is now available, are we still making some really bad decisions? Decisions that negatively impact on us personally and on all around us.

Are we maybe not changing with the times as much as we should be? I think of a blog by Jaroslaw of PlayWithLifE on education I read today – and videos I still want to watch, that made me think of how much more innovative we could be – and desperately need to be, in educating our next generation. It’s a little like using stone age implements in modern day living. No reason why what was good for them shouldn’t be good for us. Thank God for people who push the boundaries – like trips to the moon for our next holidays. My mind boggles and doesn’t understand sound waves and light years, and a million other things, but fortunately I still allow myself to enjoy the benefits of these waves and years, whilst admiring those who do understand and work with these facts, to enhance our lives.

Sure there will be abuses and mistakes and atrocities. But we have gleaned so much from those who have delved deeply into the mysteries of life and found solutions and answers to so many needs and pleasures in our lives.

For many in South Africa to get even the poorest of education is a problem, let alone helping millions of children discover, nurture and develop their abilities, passion and talents that would bring great satisfaction to them and all around them and further afield.

Do you think our homes, our schools, our higher education, colleges and universities, our cultures, faith, and communities  are nurturing and equipping young people for the explosive age we live in? How do parents help when many of us are not sufficiently equipped ourselves to be their role models and guide them in the academic fields, or the relationship arena, or matters spiritual? How do we help the future generation cope with Life and wear a smile on their hearts with hopes and dreams and expectations that will be alive and well in their lives to booster them and encourage them?

What do you think?


About Jeanette

When I attended a Life Line training course many years ago, we were told that the labels, titles and hats we wore were not important but rather who we are and whom we have become through our journey through life. We all have something to share, to ask, to listen to, to learn from, to pass on, to reflect on. So, let's begin ....
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